All is dust

I had such plans and a really great intro for October, really I did. It went something along the lines of “The XIV Legion ~ fourteen years in the making”. Not making it up either; I first started my Death Guard back in 2003 for the 40K GT Finals and …

Ultramarine Contemptor Talon

XIII Legion – Contemptor Talon

In my Ultramarines collection, these guys hold the joint spot for my favourite miniatures thus far. I loved painting these so much. …

Ultramarine Rhino

XIII Legion – Rhino party

I like Rhino transports, especially Deimos pattern. I like them a lot, they are part of the Imperium’s DNA all the way …

Caestus Assault Ram

XIII Legion – In the pipe

After rolling out the armour the other day, it’s the turn of the transports. I may as well start with the big …

Phosphex for men

Tarsiss IV Phosphex and more

Back in the saddle painting the Blood Angels Primaris Ancient and talking all things Tarssis from the Heresy weekender in Cheltenham.

Celebratory drink

Tarssis IV – Introduction

Although plan for wednesday’s stream is a continuation of the Blood Angels Ancient for 40K I started last week (if there’s no …

Artillery redeployment

Plan for upcoming regular Wednesday slot is the redeployment of an old Imperial Basilisk artillery piece painted decades back to something fitting …

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